Dear Trustees, Members of the Research Council and Special Friends,

When Sirley Avila Leon was the victim of a machete attack in Las Tunas that severed her left hand the Center tried to help her.

She had been a member of the municipal assembly who got in trouble for opposing the closing of a primary school in her neighborhood.

When the Miami Medical Team offered to provide medical attention to her the Center called on a few friends to raise funds for her lodging while in Florida. The Center raised $2,925.00.

Now months later the funds have run out but she needs physical therapy that will take a few additional months, additional medication, etc., and the Center would like to purchase an electric wheelchair for her. She is planning to return to Cuba.

For that purpose the Center has set up a GoFundMe account.

Those of you who in addition to your contribution to the Center can help her may be able to here:

May God bless you and yours for your assistance,

Frank Calzon