One of the most tragic consequences of Obama’s shortsighted Cuba policy.

Clearly, the Cuban people aren’t getting the “hope and change” message of the Obama-Castro deal.

And these numbers don’t even take into consideration all of those who have been lost at sea — like the 13 whose boat collapsed just this week.

From EFE:

Flow of Cuban migrants to U.S. surges 500 pct.

The number of undocumented Cuban migrants arriving in the U.S. has quintupled over the past five years, increasing dramatically after the December 2014 announcement by Presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro of a normalization of relations between Washington and Havana.

Fewer than 8,000 Cubans reached the U.S. in the 2011 fiscal year, compared with more than 44,000 so far in fiscal 2016, which ends Sept. 30, Customs and Border Protection told EFE Tuesday.

Some 60 migrants arrived in the Florida Keys in a 48-hour period earlier this week, all of them aboard barely seaworthy rafts and boats.