Yesterday, the AP’s Havana bureau reported that the Castro regime was going to legalize “private business” in Cuba.

As we posted yesterday, it was a recognition that there is currently no “private business” in Cuba — despite the Obama Administration’s narrative over the last few years.

But reports that Castro is now going to legalize “private business” were also grossly exaggerated.

It was either the result of the AP’s over-zealousness, sloppiness, poor Spanish or Ben Rhodes’ “echo chamber.”

The fine print of the Communist Party document cited by the AP makes clear that the legalization of small- and medium-sized business is notsomething being currently considered by the Castro regime.

Instead, the document (with goals for the year 2030) states that it’s a “project” that may be considered in “a future society to which we aspire.”

In other words, in 2030.

Moreover, that the current text is “generalizing, with the purpose of conceptualizing future aspirations, once the Model has been updated.”

(14ymedio has more details — in Spanish.)

That’s Communist talk for never — akin to Lenin’s stages of revolution.

(He too had his “useful idiots”).

Let’s see whether AP has the journalistic integrity to correct its story.