While the Castro regime distracts the foreign media with inexistent “private businesses,” a senior North Korean general in charge of intelligence and clandestine operations visited Cuba.

Yesterday, General Raul Castro welcomed General Kim Yong-chol, Vice-Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) Central Committee and Director of the Reconnaissance General Bureau (equivalent to the U.S. Director of Central Intelligence).

According to the Pentagon, “North Korea’s Reconnaissance General Bureau (RGB) is responsible for clandestine operations. The RGB includes six bureaus charged with operations, reconnaissance, technology and cyber, overseas intelligence, inter-Korean talks, and service support.

The RGB also oversees Bureau 121, North Korea’s nefarious cyber-warfare agency.

Isn’t that comforting?

Last week, the French investigative journal, Intelligence Online, reported that North Korea’s regime has sent a special forces contingent to Venezuela to help its embattled quasi-dictator, Nicolas Maduro.

Furthermore, how this arrangement stems from a confidential military cooperation and intelligence-sharing agreement that North Korea’s Kim Jong-un with Cuba’s Castro regime in March (at the same time President Obama was wining-and-dining in Havana).

More “reform” you can’t believe in.