Every week, hundreds of Cuban dissidents are beaten, arrested, then usually released within 24-48 hours.

This has become a systemic practice gamed by the Castro regime, in order for the international community and media not to pay close attention.

Even Secretary of State John Kerry recently minimized these “short-term” arrests.

But amid the hundreds arrested, the Castro regime always keeps several back and hands them long-term sentences.

They are usually less known dissidents, which serve a dual purpose. On one hand, it sends a message to the growing ranks of dissidents that next time it could easily be one of them held back. On the other, the media is so focused on Obama’s frivolous policy (cruises, etc.) that they overlook it.

Here’s the latest batch (courtesy of Marti News):

Among the newest prisoners of conscience are Xiomara de las Mercedes Cruz Miranda, Yunet Cairo Reigada and Jaqueline Heredia Morales, who were arrested on 15 April for staging a pro-human rights demonstration in Havana’s Central Park.

They were held at a police station jail without charges for a while before being transferred to a long-term prison, while still in limbo concerning specific charges.

According to Arcelio Molina, a member of the dissident organization UNPACU, Jacqueline Heredia (pictured below) has been transferred to San José prison, where all AIDS-infected Cubans are taken, and Xiomara de las Mercedes Cruz Miranda and Yunet Cairo have been taken to the women’s prison at Guatao.

A fourth dissident arrested the same day at Havana’s Central Park, Marieta Martínez Aguilera, remains jailed at the Departamento Técnico de Investigaciones jail known as “la Quinta.”