By Daniel Vazquez in Sun-Sentinel:

Boycott Carnival cruises to Cuba, until Cuban Americans are allowed to board, too

Carnival plans to launch cruises to Cuba next month.

Wonder if the corporation will hang the appropriate warning signs at all entrances?

The ones that should read: “No Dogs. No Cubans.

That’s right. Carnival cruises to Cuban are set to begin May 1. But some Americans are banned from boarding: Cuban Americans.

The irony. The cruelty. The ultimate ‘dis to all Americans, courtesy once again of the Castro brothers.

Here’s an idea: Carnival can use leftover signs from the 1960s, the ones commonly found plastered on apartment and motel buildings that proclaimed: “No Pets, No Kids, No Cubans.

Oops. Forgot. Carnival allows kids. And service dogs. Just no Cuban Americans.

Of course, some travelers may be giddy about the opportunity to visit Cuba for the first time in 50 years. But the cost is not worth it. In any form.

Much of the money spent on food, booze and cigars by visitors to Cuba will go directly to the violent and oppressive government, now run by Fidel’s little brother. The money will hardly help the Cuban people.

The biggest rub: The ban on Cuban Americans boarding a Carnival cruises was negotiated by the Cuban government, the U.S. Treasury Department and Carnival Corporation.

That means the Obama Administration is fine with discrimination against Cuban Americans — whose parents and family were forced to flee Cuba without any belongings while running to outpace flying bullets from Fidel’s goon squads.

That means the Carnival Corporation is fine with putting profits before doing the right thing, even if it insults, demeans and outrages its own customers. Carvinal is based in South Florida, and many Cuban Americans are loyal customers… Or, they were.

And all of this means, of course, that the Castros get to stick it to the U.S. again.

My advice to Carnival: Put up the “No Cubans Allowed” signs right away. To cut down on confusion. And remind a good number of your own customers why they should take their business elsewhere.