Initially, Google offered to provide free, uncensored Internet for the Cuban people.

Kudos for that.

The Castro regime shamefully turned them down.

Instead, the Castro regime allowed Google to partner with a local (and loyal) Cuban artist, Kcho, who considers Fidel “his father.”

Thus, the opening of the Google + Kcho Mor center at his studios in Havana, which was supposed to a Google-sponsored technology zone and WiFi hotspot.

But unless Google sponsors censorship technology, it’s clearly not in control.

Reports from Cuba have noted that the center has been given priority use by Ministry of the Interior (‘MININT’) officials and trainees. The MININT is home to Castro’s intelligence services.

Thus, the Google + Kcho Mor center has become a playground for Cuba’s spies and future cyber-warriors.

Furthermore, after passing various security checks, when regular Cubans finally get to enter the center, they are treated to censored online access.

Webpages like Cubaencuentro, Revolico and 14ymedio remain blocked.

Thus, Google has now officially become an extension of Cuba’s censors.

Are these the American values the Obama Administration purports to be promoting?