The Cuban Commission for Human Rights (CCHR) has documented 1,416 political arrests by the Castro regime during the month of March 2016.

Of these, 498 political arrests took place during President Obama’s visit to Cuba.

Thus far, there have been 4,004 political arrests in Cuba during the first three months of 2016. This represents — by far — the highest tally to begin a year in decades.

It’s already (in just three months) nearly double the tally of political arrests throughout all of 2010, as Obama began his presidency.

Again, it’s what happens when President Obama first announces that he won’t visit Cuba unless there are tangible improvements in the respect for human rights — then crosses his own ‘red-line.’

And these are only political arrests that have been thoroughly documented. Many more are suspected.

Thus, despite the Obama Administration’s engagement with the Castro dictatorship and increased travel to the island, repression on the island is exponentially rising.

Why? Because the Castro regime keeps getting a pass for its repressive acts.

It’s also why political repression in Iran has sharply risen since Obama’s deal with the Mullahs last July.

Mr. President, legacy is not more important than lives.