The New York Times this morning published an important article entitled “Obama Hopes Cuba Visit Can Be Harbinger of Political Change.” I am sending you a copy of my comments, which have been posted following the article in the New York Times.

Undoubtedly President Obama would like to be remembered in a positive light, but after the next few days’ euphoria, Cubans will see his Cuba policy as the reestablishment of a policy of embracing dictators and allowing corporate interests to formulate US policy. As I write, reports from inside Cuba indicate the regime’s police is rounding up dissidents and placing many under house arrest with a police officer at the door. Obama counsels patience to the Cubans, but his patience with Raul Castro’s beatings of mothers and wives of political prisoners does not help. As far as ending the Cold War in Latin America he needs to ask Havana to end Russian spy ship visits to the island, get the regime to stop welcoming American terrorists wanted by the FBI, and listen to his national director of intelligence who recently told the Senate that America’s most dangerous cyberspace threats are Russia, China, Cuba and Iran. Returning to Cuba Castro’s spies serving in US prisons including one who planned the murder of Americans by Raul Castro’s war planes is now part of Mr. Obama’s legacy.

Frank Calzon
Center for a Free Cuba