Press release: Cuban foreign minister launches a disinformation campaign in light of evidence of Cuban troops supporting Russia’s illegal war in Ukraine.

Press release

Cuban foreign minister launches a disinformation campaign in light of evidence of Cuban troops supporting Russia’s illegal war in Ukraine.

Young Cubans trapped in this ploy by the dictatorship.

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A group of Cubans in the Ukraine hired by Russia. Alain Pararazzi Cuban/YouTube

Washington, D.C., September 6, 2023. Center for a Free Cuba. The videos and photographs of young Cuban soldiers who have been sent to Ukraine to fight alongside Russian soldiers that illegally invaded Ukraine in February 2022 have spread on social networks and in the international press.

Young Cubans denounced they were tricked into joining the conflict by a deceptive contract. The regime in Havana, through its Minister of Foreign Relations, Bruno Rodriguez, launched a disinformation campaign on September 5, 2023 concerning these events, stating that a network of human traffickers had taken these Cubans to the war in Ukraine.

What is going on? Why did the Cuban government issue this statement now?

“I think the easy – short explanation is because they got caught, once again. This is just the latest in a long series of criminal enterprises run by the Cuban government. And any time they’ve gotten caught, historically, their first act is to deny it and then imprison some individuals as proof that they had no knowledge. [….] This type of endeavor has been going on for about 60 years, starting with terrorist support and then them serving as the proxies for intelligence efforts on behalf of Russia and others, drug trafficking. So it’s just – it’s institutionalized criminal enterprise by the Havana government,” Chris Simmons, a former counterintelligence officer who is an expert in Cuban espionage issues, explained to National Public Radio journalist Leila Fadel.

Relatives of some of the young people sent to Russia to fight in the war in Ukraine alerted the international community because they fear for the lives of their children, many of them adolescents, as is the case of Caridad Diaz, mother of Alex Rolando Vega Diaz, ( age 19 ). Caridad denounced that her son was hired to work in Russia with the supposed right to become a Russian citizen. The reality is that her son, and the others were taken to the war, to a military boot camp. When Alex Rolando Vega Diaz became ill he was taken to a hospital where he is being held without his passport

“This is reminiscent of the Ochoa case, when the Cuban government had Ana Belén Montes infiltrated in the Pentagon, and to redirect U.S. officials who had evidence of Castroism’s participation in drug trafficking, executed by firing squad, a group of high ranking Cuban soldiers after a political show trial. This was done to cover up that facilitating large scale trafficking through Cuba was an official policy enacted by Fidel Castro himself,” said John Suárez, Executive Director of the Center for a Free Cuba. “The Center for a Free Cuba condemns the use of Cuban soldiers to assist Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine, and requests that the Biden Administration, the European Union, and its member states help these young Cubans caught up in this trap, seeking asylum, and whose lives are in danger.”