Press Advisory: Biden Administration holds “Law Enforcement Dialogue” with Cuban dictatorship while ignoring Castroism’s lawless and repressive nature

Press Advisory

Biden Administration holds “Law Enforcement Dialogue” with Cuban dictatorship while ignoring Castroism’s lawless and repressive nature

Contacts: John Suarez (612) -367-6845 and Janisset Rivero 786-208-6056

Washington, D.C., January 21, 2023. Center for a Free Cuba. High-level talks on “law enforcement”  that the Biden administration held with Havana this past week  in order to “cooperate” on national security raises concerns for the Center for a Free Cuba. Cuba harbors terrorists,  backs Russia’s and China’s imperial aggressions, and engages in torture, both at home and around the world.  

The State Department announced that they were resuming a “law-enforcement dialogue” on January 18th with the goal of bringing “transnational criminals to justice.” In Cuba, there is no rule of law. There is no such thing as “law enforcement.” To keep power, there is a repressive security apparatus. During nationwide protests in Cuba in July 2021, this repressive apparatus beat down, clubbed, and shot nonviolent protesters in the back. Systematic nature of police lawlessness in Cuba came to light when Cubans were jailed for filming protests and  witnessing officials engaged in criminal behavior. 

The Cuban government’s support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, for China’s aggressive actions against Hong Kong and Taiwan, the backing of other terror regimes in Iran, North Korea, and Syria. These regimes all share a profound hostility against the United States.  Havana also has soldiers and intelligence agents in Venezuela that have been described by OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro as an “occupation army”. Havana’s sponsoring of terrorism, its ongoing harboring of notorious terrorists wanted by US justice, its involvement in drug trafficking, and weaponizing and profiting off migration, demonstrates that Cuba is run by a criminal regime.

On August 3, 2022, Senators Bob Menendez (D) and Marco Rubio (R) introduced legislation in the United States Senate to extradite a number of criminals harbored by the Cuban government after committing terrorist acts and murdering Americans, including police officers in the United States. Among those still wanted by the American justice system are Joanne Chesimard, William “Guillermo” Morales, Charlie Hill, and Victor Manuel Gerena.

“The statements of the Biden administration regarding the bilateral meeting of January 18 and 19, 2023 are worrying because they do not recognize the Cuban government for what it is, a dictatorship hostile to the United States, and democracy more broadly, that sponsors terrorism, engages in human trafficking, drug trafficking and is also a systematic and gross human rights violator. The fact that Havana backs Putin’s imperial invasion of Ukraine, and signed a cooperation agreement with Communist China on the first day of this latest round of talks demonstrates Castroism will not distance itself from Moscow or Beijig for improved relations with Washington,” said John Suárez, Executive Director of the Center for a Free Cuba.

Cuba has also participated in military exercises conducted by Russia in Venezuela and Iran in 2022. Cuban troops and intelligence officials in Venezuela are overseeing the torture of Venezuelan dissidents.

“Ignoring Havana’s history of and ongoing hostility toward Washington in order to cooperate in matters of national security is a serious strategic error with grave consequences for the United States,” Suárez concluded.