Next CFC event: Recovering Cuba’s human rights legacy – Saturday, December 10, 2022 at Noon

The Center for a Free Cuba invites you to our next online conversation:

Recovering Cuba’s human rights legacy

Conversation with Rosa Leonor Whitmarsh y Dueñas, Carolina Barrero, and  Yoel Suárez

Moderated by Sebastian Arcos Cazabon, Center for a Free Cuba

Date: Saturday, December 10, 2022

Time: 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Location: Virtual ( RSVP here and request invite)

74 years ago Cuban diplomats from a democratic Cuba were on the forefront of advancing international human rights standards.

The Castro regime over the past 63 years sought to erase this history.

Cuban dissidents defended it, sharing its greatest legacy: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Yoel Suárez  

Yoel Suárez, 29, is an independent Cuban journalist. He has worked with non-state media outlets in Cuba since 2014 and has written extensively about human rights and freedom of religion or belief issues. As a result, he and his family have been regularly targeted by authorities.  He was forced into exile three months ago following years of escalating repression against him, and his family.

Carolina Barrero

Carolina Barrero is an art historian, activist, and human rights advocate for the end of violence and authoritarianism, for peace and respect for civil and political rights. She took part in the protest movement that challenged Cuba’s totalitarian regime in 2021 as a member of the 27N movement of artists and intellectuals.

She was forced into exile in February 2022.

Rosa Leonor Whitmarsh y Dueñas

Born in Havana, Cuba, she earned a Doctorate in Philosophy and Letters and has dedicated her life as a pedagogue in Cuba, Mexico and the United States at all levels of education. Lecturer, essayist, and scholar of the History of Man. Taught at Vassar College, University of Anahuac, Talmut Hebrew School, Miami Dade College, Miami Dade Public School System as well as in private academic institutions.

Founding member of the Centre for Human Rights of the Christian Democratic Movement, Delegation of Mexico in Exile. Organizer of the Christian Democratic Training Seminars (1960-1970) that included the Social Christian Doctrine.


Sebastian Arcos Cazabon

Associate Director of Florida International University’s (FIU) Cuban Research Institute and member of the Cuban Committee for Human Rights while in Cuba, the first independent human rights group in Cuba under Castroism. Mr. Arcos has been interviewed on radio, television, and print media about Cuban politics and society. He has also written opinion pieces on Cuba.


The Declaration Documentary

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