Press advisory: CFC executive director’s statement on failed coup in Peru today

Press advisory

CFC executive director’s statement on failed coup in Peru today

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Center for a Free Cuba. December 7, 2022.
Peru’s president Pedro Castillo was impeached today following his order to dissolve Congress, and his announcement that he would rule by decree and rewrite the Peruvian Constitution.

Peru’s military responded: “Any act contrary to the established constitutional order represents an infraction to the Constitution and will lead to the nonacceptance by the Armed Forces and the Police.”

“The military and police, by refusing to go along with the assault on Peru’s constitutional order, send a positive example for democracies across the region,” stated John Suarez, executive director, Center for a Free Cuba.

“Pedro Castillo’s attempted overthrow of Peru’s democracy and installation of a new Constitution while he would have ruled by decree would have sent Peru down the same path to dictatorship as followed by Venezuela and Nicaragua,” Suarez added.

“The Castro regime repeated Castillo’s talking points through the official news agency, Prensa Latina, justifying the dissolution of Peru’s Congress. Hopefully, there will be an investigation into what role foreign actors may have played in trying to subvert Peruvian democracy,” concluded Suarez.