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Audio of the complaint available

Center for a Free Cuba. Miami, November 30, 2022. Two political prisoners from the Kilo 7 prison in Camagüey denounced the use of torture methods against various prisoners from the aforementioned prison to prevent them from continuing to demand their medicines and other rights. Virgilio Mantilla Arango and Fernando Vázquez Guerra specifically denounced the “crucifixion” method and another method called “the rack”.

“I want to corroborate the practice of torture here in the Kilo 7 prison. I am telling you this because I am in Detachment 9, which is the one above Detachment 1, which is where this practice is carried out. The Head of Internal Order, known as “El Mellizo” who was brought from Kilo 8, that maximum severity prison at the national level, was dedicated to carrying out this practice there and is carrying it out here on a few inmates who have psychiatric problems and the only thing they are demanding is their medicines, which they are not given, they have not been given them for more than three months […] and the food situation is very bad and very reduced. When claiming all this, they use the measure of torture better known as ‘crucifixion’, which is to crucify people on the hand and foot grate, and they leave them there for three or four days and the inmates have to relieve themselves on top of it. they. Then there is another practice that they do in the cell and they do it in the infirmary where they are also crucified with their hands and feet but in bed, the prisoners call this “the colt,” explained political prisoner Virgilio Mantilla Arango from the Kilo 7 prison in a telephone conversation with former political prisoner Egberto Escobedo Morales.

According to Mantilla, the inmates who have suffered this torture are José Luis Cuéllar Rodríguez, Ramón Ernesto Ricardo Parra and Adalberto Sánchez Ramos, who on November 30, 2022 were retaliated against. The Chief of Jails and Prisons of the Province of Camagüey, Colonel Eidel Sierra Ochoa, known as “Toro Bravo”, is aware of these practices and encourages them, according to Mantilla’s complaint.

For his part, the political prisoner Fernando Vázquez Guerra held in that same prison said:

“The Head of the unit, known as Captain Leonardo, the Head of Internal Order known as ‘El Mellizo,’ a guard known as Hanoi, another guard known as Medina are torturing here. This morning, in Detachment 1, Cubicle 2, prisoner Adalberto Sánchez Ramos was tortured while handcuffed to a bed known as ‘el potro.’ They continue to torture in this country, they continue to torture in prisons. Adalberto is a poor man over fifty years of age, who is in a very delicate state of health.”

The reasons why they torture prisoners is because they stand up asking for a better diet, asking that their cases be reviewed because they are incorrectly sanctioned, asking for any other demand and what they do is handcuff them, in the infirmary on a bed without cardboard. They are handcuffed by the hands and feet and there they are handcuffed for days, they throw water at them as if they were pigs in a pigsty. I ask you to share this as widely as possible, in case something happens to me that at least it has been worth the risk I’m taking,” said Vázquez Guerra.