This #GivingTuesday, Support the Center for a Free Cuba.

Today, people across the world are giving to help make a difference in the world. #GivingTuesday began in 2012 as a simple idea, to dedicate one day of the year to live more generously. It sparked a global movement that unites people by the millions with the principle of radical generosity, “the idea that the suffering of others should be as intolerable to us as our own suffering.”

The Center for a Free Cuba (CFC) was founded in 1997 to reject the normalization of the suffering of Cubans in the island by a decades old dictatorship by supporting the inalienable right of Cubans to their own rights, urging persons of goodwill to amplify the voices of the Cuban people, and mobilize democratic governments around the world to institute policies that encourage genuine reforms in Cuba.

Thanks to the support of people like you it was possible for CFC in 2022 to send medicines to church groups to provide medicines to families of jailed dissidents; provide needed smartphones, and laptops; and provide internet access to keep information flowing in and out of the island.

A friend of the Center has pledged a matching gift challenge of up to $10,000. Any donation received by December 31, 2022, will be matched dollar for dollar. That means that your $100 contribution will be worth $200, and a $1,000 contribution will be matched for a contribution of $2000. The more you can give, the more your gift will benefit the Center.

Political show trials continue in Cuba.

Over the past year a total of 1,199 individuals have been imprisoned for political reasons in Cuba, according to the most recent report from the NGO Prisoners Defenders.

There are currently over 1,027 political prisoners and prisoners of conscience jailed in Cuba.

Among them, 34 are children, with 26 serving sentences and the other 8 awaiting sentencing.

On October 28, 2022 a Ministry of the Interior boat attacked and sank a boat filled with Cuban refugees killing seven, including a two year old.

The Center is denouncing these systematic and gross human rights abuses.

We hope that on this #GivingTuesday you will support the continuing mission and goal of CFC to promote a nonviolent transition to a Cuba that respects human rights and political and economic freedoms.

You can also support the Center for a Free Cuba by sharing this email with your friends and asking them to consider donating to the Center for a Free Cuba today, on Giving Tuesday. 

If each of our online supporters inspires their friends to donate to Center for a Free Cuba, we will hit our target by our deadline.

Please donate via Paypal on our website, or send a check in the name of the Center for a Free Cuba to: Center for a Free Cuba at 417 West Broad St., Suite 204 Falls Church, VA 22046.

Thank you for your generosity and support.

John Suarez
Executive Director
Center for a Free Cuba