ISHR holds Castro regime responsible for the death of civil rights activist Pablo Moya Delá

Cuba: Political prisoner Pablo Moya deceased

ISHR holds Cuban regime responsible for the death of another civil rights activist


Frankfurt am Main/Havana, August 27, 2021 – Regime critic Pablo Moya Delá died in a hospital in Santiago de Cuba on the night of August 27 due to inadequate medical care. Cuban authorities long denied the small business spokesman and former sailor adequate care and medication. The International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) mourns with the family of the political prisoner.

“Pablo Moya’s death was consciously accepted. Violence against critics of the regime and torture of political prisoners are components of the dictatorial regime under the Communist Party of Cuba, which has ruled alone for 61 years. While the Cuban regime announces economic reforms, it has not prevented the death of the spokesman of the small traders,” said Martin Lessenthin, spokesman of the board of the ISHR.

Pablo Moya Delá was arrested in Havana on September 21, 2020. The reason was his peaceful protest against the arbitrary distribution of fines to small traders and the lack of basic food supplies. The 65-year-old, who was active in the democracy movement Unión Patriótica de Cuba (UNPACU), went on hunger strike after his arrest and was taken to a prison in Santiago de Cuba, nearly 900 kilometers away, where he was placed with criminal prisoners.
In June 2021, Pablo Moya was attacked and injured in prison by another inmate. Despite his injuries and advanced age, he received no medical care. Moya protested and went on a hunger strike for over 40 days to demand his right to medical care. He was unable to communicate with his family or receive visitors, ISHR reports. Only when he was seriously ill and malnourished did the authorities agree to transfer him to a hospital.

ISHR, which has a section in Cuba, reported on his critical health condition a few days before his death and knew firsthand that a doctor at the hospital diagnosed that Pablo Moya had contracted a bacterium at the medical center that was destroying his lungs. ISHR has been in close contact with his family in recent months, closely following the situation of the Cuban dissident. Within the framework of the prison mail initiative Very Important Stamps, the ISHR campaigned for his release and that of other political prisoners. The well-known Hamburg artist Heiko Müller supported the campaign with a stamp created especially for Pablo Moya Delá, which could be ordered from the ISHR in order to send the Cuban a solidarity letter or postcard directly to prison.