Washington, DC, July 13, 2021.                                                                                                                                           

Center for a Free Cuba. Seven human rights organizations issued a call for international solidarity with Cubans and denounced violent repression on the Island.  Among the organizations are the Christian Democrat Organization of America, UN Watch, Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Victims of Communism, the International Society for Human Rights, and the Forum for Religious Freedom – Europe.

This statement is issued on July 13, 2021 that marks the day 27 years ago when agents of the Cuban government attacked fleeing Cuban refugees aboard the “13 de marzo” tugboat killing 37 men, women and children.

Copies of the statement have been sent to the Organization of American States,  Inter-American Commission on Human Rights , UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the United Nations and the European Union.

These seven organizations that have monitored and reported on the human rights situation in Cuba throughout the years,  in solidarity with the Cuban people, recognizing their right to protest, and denouncing repression against them,  send this urgent petition to international organizations:

“1- We support the Cuban people in their desire and search for freedom and respect for their fundamental rights.

2- We denounce the massive arrests and violence against Cuban citizens and members of the Catholic Church and other churches and denominations by the repressive forces within Cuba.

3- We ask for the active support of international human rights organizations for the Cuban people and the demand for respect for the rights and freedoms of that people by the government of Cuba.

4- We ask for an end to the repression in Cuba against people who express their desire for change.

5- We ask for the opening of a humanitarian channel, independent of the Cuban state, which allows the arrival of food and medicines directly to the people, understanding that on numerous previous occasions the Cuban government has blocked and confiscated the aid collected and sent in the past.”


Center for a Free Cuba

Christian Solidarity Worldwide

Christian Democrat Organization of America

International Society for Human Rights

UN Watch

Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation

Forum for Religious Freedom – Europe.