Declaration of the Center for a Free Cuba on the protests inside Cuba


July 12, 2021

The Cuban people have suffered 62 years of totalitarian communist dictatorship. During all this time, the island’s regime has wanted to blame the United States for the misery Cubans experience. However, the one that has blocked the possibility of farmers from selling the food they produce to the people is the regime. The one that has blocked the entry of humanitarian aid, confiscating it and selling it in dollars, is the regime. The one that has blocked private initiative, innovation and the exercise of individual freedoms is the regime.

Miguel Díaz Canel, whom Cubans did not elect and who serves as president, wants once again to use the rhetoric of the embargo and the confrontation with the United States to justify the failure of his policies of annihilation of the Cuban population using hunger and disease.

The problem of Cuba is the confrontation of the Cuban people against a long and fierce dictatorship.

Neither the United States nor any other country in the world is responsible for the spontaneous protests that have taken place since July 11, 2021. The Cuban people want freedom, and they have the right to demand it.

We call on the international community to stand in solidarity with Cubans in their struggle for freedom and fundamental rights, and to denounce the strong repression unleashed by Havana against hundreds of Cuban citizens at this time. This struggle belongs to the Cuban people and it needs the support of the international community and the free nations of the world.