Letter to President Biden on U.S. Cuba Policy by the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance

Assembly of the Resistance, February 24, 2021



Miami, Florida – February 24, 2021- Assembly of the Cuban Resistance- By mail, prominent ads, social media, direct mail and more, the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance (ARC), a coalition of pro-democracy groups inside and outside Cuba, is holding President Biden to one of his campaign promises, that of listening to Cuban Americans to whom he referred to as the “Ambassadors of Freedom for Cuba”.

Today, on the 25th Anniversary of the Brothers to the Rescue Massacre, the DC market will be waking up to ads on Politico and Apple News linking to a letter sent certified mail to President Biden on February 2, 2021. Authored by the same Cuban-Cuban American groups who were totally left in the dark back in 2015 by the Obama/Biden administration. Cuban-Cuban American groups had no knowledge that behind the scenes, the U.S. had been privately meeting, negotiating, and giving painful and unwarranted concessions to the criminal regime in Cuba all under the auspices of a false claim of “change”. The input of Cuban-Cuban American groups was tossed aside back then in lieu of that of opportunists willing to turn a blind eye to human rights violations inside Cuba and abroad. It was a surreal time for people that knew first-hand the atrocities being committed by those very regime officials seemingly being embraced by U.S. elected officials.

It is with that experience in mind that Cuban-Cuban American groups played close attention recently to the words of then Presidential Candidate Biden when asked about Cuba policy. He emphatically stated numerous times that when it came to Cuba policy, he would listen to Cuban Americans, as he put it, they were “the Ambassadors to Cuba’s Freedom.” Given his pledge, ARC submitted the attached letter to President Biden and is now following up with the ad buy in Politico this week, a direct mail campaign and other outreach means with the objective of making certain that President Biden’s campaign promise on the inclusion of Cuban Americans on U.S. Cuba Policy is kept.

Below is the text of the letter and attached in this e-mail is the letter in PDF.

February 2, 2021

Honorable Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

President of the United States of America

The White House

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear President Biden:

Today we are writing to express our deep concern for the critical situation that the Cuban people are facing after living under communism for more than 62 years. Recently, after a new assessment of its previous and new transgressions of international laws,Cuba was placed again on the list of states that sponsor terrorism. It must remain there because of the many terrorist activities that have defined the Cuban regime all these years.

On February 24,1996, Castro MIG fighters ambushed and slaughtered three American citizens and one U.S. permanent resident in international air space. The four young men were volunteer pilots and spotters trying to save the lives of desperate refugees at sea who were trying to escape from communism in Cuba. To this date, Raul Castro and the other perpetrators in this brutal act remain unpunished.

The above-mentioned massacre of February 24, 1996 is only one of the many terrorist acts committed by the totalitarian regime in Cuba. The regime has institutionalized terror in both its domestic and international practices. The murder of political prisoners and dissidents, outright violent persecution against civil society, and the repression of the most fundamental human rights and freedoms remain mainstays of the Cuban police state.

Internationally, the regime continues a close alliance with states and non-states actors that sponsor terrorism, such as Venezuela,Syria, North Korea, Iran as well as FARC, ELN, Hezbollah and Mexican cartels.It also maintains direct participation in the lethal repression in support of the dictatorial regimes in Venezuela and Nicaragua and facilitates through them several safe havens, weapons and political support to those narcoterrorists organizations for their criminal and illicit activities in the region. Cuba also protects scores of fugitives from U.S. justice.

Most worrisome has been the use of microwave pulse weapons used by the regime against U.S. and Canadian diplomats stationed in Havana causing,in some cases, irreparable physical damage. These attacks have been documented by the U.S. Academy of Sciences and other medical experts.

Today the Cuban people are at a historic crossroads because the regime is facing a devastating crisis in the economic, political, and social fields. Whereas the temptation may be to deal with the symptoms of the dictatorship,such as political prisoners and refugees, we urge you instead to deal with the causes of the political, economic, cultural and social repression. The principal deterrent to a change in Cuba is to stop the sense of impunity that the Communist dictatorship has always displayed despite the numerous crimes against humanity it has committed.

It is because of the record of atrocities perpetrated by the Cuban regime that we urge you, as representatives of a united community, to maintain Cuba on the list of states sponsors of terrorism. By any rational standard measure, the Castro-ruled regime belongs on that list.Please let us know if we can be of assistance in matters concerning Cuba, Venezuela,and Nicaragua.


Organizations of the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance

Alpha 66

Assembly of the Cuban Resistance California

Association of Cubans in Dominican Republic

Association of Cuban Ex-Political Prisoners and Cuban Exiles in Tampa

Bay of Pigs Veterans Association

Casa Cuba in Houston

Center for a Free Cuba

Circulos Democraticos Municipalistas de Cuba

Circulo Naval Cubano

Coalition of Cuban-American Women

Cuba Independent and Democratic

Cuban Civic Committee in Chicago

Cuban Civic Resistance National Front

Cuban Democratic Directorate

Cuban Democratic Directorate in Tampa

Cuban Liberty Council


Freedom League

Grupo Internacional de Responsabilidad Corporativa

Human Rights Rapporteurs Council in Cuba

Inspire America Foundation

IVAC, Venezuela

Junta Democratica Dominicana

Ladies in White

Miami Medical Team

Mothers Against Repression (Mar por Cuba)

Movimiento de Recuperacion Revolucionaria (MRR)

Movimiento Democracia

November 30 Movement Frank Pais

North Front 380 Nicaragua

Partido Union Nacional

Plantados Hasta la Libertad y la Democracia en Cuba

Presidio Politico Pedro Luis Boitel

The Cuba Corps

Union de Ex Presos Politicos Cubanos de Puerto Rico

Union de Ex Presos Politicos Zona Norte

United Front of Western Cuba

Vueltabajo for Cuba Foundation