Castro Regime Sends Scarce Items to Dominica while Cubans Struggle to Recover from Hurricane

Panampost, October 23, 2017

Castro Regime Sends Scarce Items to Dominica while Cubans Struggle to Recover from Hurricane

By: Karina Martín

Cuban President Raúl Castro sent a boat carrying 300 tons of aid abroad to victims of Hurricane Maria in Dominica, which has created controversy on the island as residents continue to struggle with their own recovery from Hurricane Irma.

The Castro regime has once again given ammunition to critics who say it doesn’t prioritize its own people, as the shipment of cement, steel rods, water and food left Cuba this week for Dominica. Hundreds of victims of Hurricane Irma are still left in horrible conditions around Cuba, claiming they have been abandoned by the government.

Even the Chancellor of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Francine Baron, recognized that “Cuba has its own challenges” while thanking the island for showing its support.

“With help from places like Cuba, reconstruction of Dominica will move much faster,” Baron said during her thank you speech. The island also sent technicians and 10 carpenters who will help rebuild the country’s power grid and remove fallen debris.

Cuba, on the other hand, continues to receive aid from countries such as Bolivia, Colombia, China, Ecuador, Venezuela, Japan, Peru in addition to the Red Cross — all of which are trying to help with recovery from the hurricane that made landfall in September.

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Trying to make themselves look good, meanwhile the average Cuban has to walk everywehre, with debris still falling and killing people, and they [the government] say there are no resources.

Hurricane Irma left 158,000 Cubans homeless, has “forced” the regime to ration the island’s primary source of protein (eggs), but that didn’t stop them from sending 25 tons of food and medicine to Nicaragua to help victims of Tropical Storm Nate.