Top US security official ‘targeted in mysterious Cuba embassy attack’ according to British Newspaper The Independent.

Top US security official ‘targeted in mysterious Cuba embassy attack’ according to British Newspaper The Independent.

The Independent, September 18, 2017

“The State Department did not talk publicly about the incident until August, months after the problems were uncovered,” according to The Washington Post. 

Raul Castro clams that he is baffled by what happened and several theories, minimizing Cubans’ responsibility, have been floated. The fact remains that Cuba is responsible for what happens to diplomats on the island.

American diplomats in Cuba are under Cuban intelligence surveillance 24 hours a day. General Castro runs a tight totalitarian regime. It is simply not credible for anyone to argue that Havana just didn’t know that at least 21 Americans suffered “unexplained health problems, including mild traumatic brain injury, permanent hearing loss, loss of balance, severe headaches and brain swelling.”

The regime has disregarded its responsibilities under international law the past: Cuba attempted smuggling warplanes, missiles to North Korea during the Obama Administration despite United Nations prohibitions. Years ago a group of former political prisoners were waiting in line outside the US Interests Section where they were attacked with sticks and iron bars by a mob with iron bars and sticks. The attackers were trucked to the Embassy by the Cuban government. Also years ago the wife of the Charges’ de Affaires of the Czech Republic was being driven in an embassy car when the vehicle was struck by a truck. The Czechs were convinced it was not an accident. She had just met with a number of dissidents and the Czech cars had suffered broken windshields, flat tires, after meeting with pro-democracy activists. At an international gathering in Panama peaceful Cuban American protesters were beaten by thugs who had been flown there by the Cuban regime. Havana’s disregard for diplomatic norms is not new. Some claim that the Cold War between Cuba and the United States was ended by President Obama’s Cuba policy but when the Cold War ended in Europe Soviet troops left Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia and other Central European nations. Thousands of Cuban troops remain in Venezuela to this day.