Obama’s Cuba Policy Lost Florida for Hillary

Yesterday, a column in The Wall Street Journal asked, “Will Obama’s Cuba Policy Lose Florida for Clinton?”

We now have the answer: Yes.

Donald Trump has defeated Hillary Clinton in the state of Florida thanks to strong support from Cuban-Americans.

We can’t stress this enough: No candidate has ever won statewide in Florida while running on an anti-embargo platform.

Moreover, Congress’ biggest opponents of Obama’s Cuba policy have all won handily.

Senator Marco Rubio easily defeated Patrick Murphy, who campaigned supporting Obama’s Cuba policy.

Moreover, Congressman Carlos Curbelo defeated a prominent Obama policy cheerleader, Joe Garcia, by an 11-point margin.

Rounding out the night, Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Mario Diaz-Balart also won re-election.

The lessons?

First, candidates should stop taking advice from a handful of greedy businessmen who are clueless as regards the real pulse of the Cuban-American community.

Second, issue polls are meaningless.

But third, and most importantly, as concluded by yesterday’s The Wall Street Journal column:

“No matter who wins on Tuesday, the next president will have to clean up this Cuba mess. Decent Cuban-Americans on both sides of the aisle want answers.”