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February 11, 2015


Former Diplomats, University Professors, Representatives of Cuba’s Democratic Opposition on the Island and in Exile, and Former Corporate Leaders Write to Congress on President Obama’s Cuba Policy.

The ad was published 58 former diplomats, former corporate leaders, university professors and leaders of Cuba’s democratic opposition on the island and in exile.

It is an open letter to Congress objecting to President Obama’s efforts to remove the Castro’s regime from the State Department list of governments supportive of terrorism, normalizing relations with Cuba and lifting the embargo under current conditions.

The open letter to the Congress: “The New Cuba Policy: Breakthrough or Bailout?,” takes issue

The ad “is published in memory of Manuel Jorge Cutillas and his lifelong dedication to the cause of freedom in Cuba.”  The ad, signed by the Center for a Free Cuba is an initiative of Dr. Nestor Carbonell, who wrote the text and worked tirelessly for its publication,

Among the signatories are “Miriam and Mario de la Pena, parents of Mario M. de la Pena, one of four pilots murdered by Cuban airplanes in international airspace in 1996.”

“One of the spies exchanged by President Obama was serving a life sentence for his role in those murders,” the ad says.  General Raul Castro, then Cuba’s Minister of the Armed Forces” ordered the murders and later awarded medals to the officers who pulled the trigger”