CubaBrief: In case you missed it – “Ambassador, pentagon official among Americans who spied for Cuba” on 60 minutes

Ana Belen Montes mugshot and Manuel Rocha on FBI surveillance video

CBS’s 60 Minutes on May 19, 2024 on their 56th season finale aired the segment titled “Cuban Spycraft

“For decades, prolific Cuban spies working in the U.S. government, serving in high-profile positions with top security clearances, have evaded American intelligence officials. This Sunday, Cecilia Vega reports on two undercover agents.” 

Peter J. Lapp retired as an FBI special agent after 22 years of investigating or leading counterintelligence investigations involving Cuba, Russia, and China. He is the author of Queen of Cuba: An FBI Agent’s Insider Account of the Spy Who Evaded Detection for 17 Years and is interviewed.

In case you missed it, this segment is now available in its entirety on YouTube, and embedded below, .

Cecilia Vega: The story of two American citizens with top security clearances, and how they spied on behalf of Cuba which bartered and sold America’s secrets to enemies around the world. 

Cecilia Vega: Do you think there are other Ana Montes’s in the government right now?

Peter Lapp: Oh, absolutely, absolutely

Cecilia Vega: That’s chilling

Peter Lapp: There is no doubt that the Cubans are penetrating our government with individuals who are loyal to them, and not to us.

There are other Ana Montes’s and Manuel Rocha’s working inside the U.S. government for the communist dictatorship in Cuba, and they are doing harm.

60 Minutes, May 19, 2024

Spies for Cuba a danger to U.S. national security as American secrets are sold around the world

By Cecilia Vega

Last month a career American ambassador pleaded guilty to spying for the intelligence service of Cuba. Victor Manuel Rocha served his country in positions that required the highest levels of security clearance. For 40 years, he was a covert agent. Before Ambassador Rocha was exposed, there was another prolific Cuban spy named Ana Montes, a Pentagon official, who was the lead analyst on Cuba policy. She spied for 17 years. But, Cuban spy craft isn’t just a relic of the Cold War. It’s a real and present danger to U.S. national security. It turns out, Cuba’s main export isn’t cigars or rum, it’s American secrets—which they barter and sell to America’s enemies around the world.

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