CubaBrief: What do the Diaz-Canels and Ceaușescus have în common?

Question: What does the wife of Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel and the wife of Romanian president Nicolae Ceaușescu have în common?

Answer: Both were awarded PhDs under dubious circumstances

” Elena Ceausescu was hailed by state propaganda under her husband’s regime as a world-famous chemistry researcher, despite having no credible qualifications. Today, academics and researchers in Romania are demanding Ceausescu’s name be removed from almost two dozen scientific papers and books fraudulently published as her work, more than 30 years after she and her husband were executed during Romania’s revolution in 1989, the final and bloodiest chapter in the series of uprisings that toppled communism in Eastern Europe.” Source:  Plagiarism And Bogus Degrees: The Rampant Cheating In Romanian Schools By Andreea Pora, Andreea Ofiteru, Tony Wesolowsky RFERL February 2, 2022

“Lis Cuesta Peraza, first lady of Cuba, discussed her doctoral thesis on Friday, dedicated to analyzing her own work at the head of the Paradiso agency of the Ministry of Culture (MINCULT). This is how Miguel Díaz-Canel made it known on his Twitter profile, where he shared a photo of his partner’s presentation, accompanied by the text: ‘Today she, Lis Cuesta, defended her doctoral thesis: ‘Pedagogical model for the export of academic services at the Paradiso agency’. Today I felt her closer than ever. Everything unites us. Also the passion for science’.

Díaz-Canel, who received a doctorate in Science last year, has emphasized the need to apply research to the development of Cuba, although his government allocates very little of its annual budget to this field. His thesis was entitled “Government management system based on science and innovation for sustainable development in Cuba.”

Source: “Wife of fake Cuban president is awarded doctorate in education for writing a dissertation about her job” By Carlos Eire, Babalu Blog, December 17, 2022