Venezuela crisis: Fmr. Ambassador says paramilitary thugs have ties to Cuba. 28 Feb 2019

Venezuela crisis: Fmr. Ambassador says paramilitary thugs have ties to Cuba

By Jayme CohenPublished February 28, 2019Latin AmericaFOXBusiness

The situation inside Venezuela is increasingly deteriorating. As pressure builds on embattled socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro to step aside, shadow paramilitary groups known as “colectivos” are terrorizing the people of Venezuela and the country’s opposition lawmakers.

FOX Business’ Trish Regan obtained exclusive video from the capital Caracas, where lawmakers in the National Assembly say “colectivos” barged in on their legislative session and began shooting.

According to former Ambassador to Venezuela under President Reagan, Otto Reich, the paramilitary groups that are backing Maduro in Venezuela have extensive ties to Cuba.

“These colectivos are trained and financed and controlled by the Cubans,” he said during an interview on Trish Regan Primetime on Wednesday. “The role of the Cuban government in what is happening in Venezuela is underreported. The Cubans are practically running the violence in Venezuela and I think frankly, the United States government needs to respond not just in Venezuela but against the Raul Castro government.”

Vice President Mike Pence, in an exclusive interview on FOX Business earlier this week, said “all options are on the table” to help end Maduro’s brutal dictatorship, including military action.