Carlos Sánchez Berzain*

Friday, October 25, 2018

Brazil’s democracy has proven to be one of the strongest. Its justice system investigated and prosecuted the global corruption “lava jato” with results such as the jail sentence that former President Lula da Silva meets. His Legislative Branch separated Dilma Rousseff from the Presidency with the constitutional impeachment. There is freedom of the press and a reliable electoral system. In crisis but institutionally vigorous, Brazil indicates that its next President will be Jair Bolsonaro and offers a vital contribution to democracy in Brazil and in the Americas .

The electoral results ratify as responsible for the crisis in Brazil the criminal action of the Workers’ Party (PT). The governments of the PT used money from Brazil as credits to other governments for Brazilian construction companies to carry out works abroad, with billions of dollars in surcharges, bribes and other crimes destined to expand and sustain the dictatorial group of 21st century socialism or Castrochavism as an expression of power of the Forum of San Pablo.

For the establishment of the 21st century dictatorships in the Americas, the money was put by Venezuela’s oil embezzled by Hugo Chávez. With the arrival of the PT to the government in Brazil they added corruption by the system of works uncovered with the “lava jato” and its most important denomination “Odebrecht”. The third source is the drug trafficking with the FARC of Colombia, the coca unions of Evo Morales in Bolivia and transnational networks linked to terrorism that point to the dictatorships of Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia and Nicaragua as narco states.

To the Venezuelan oil, PT corruption and drug trafficking as the three main sources of financing of the Castrochavism, we must add as a direct support to the dictatorship of Cuba the “contracts of slave doctors” and other items that include “security”, implemented in Brazil by the PT, Venezuela with Maduro, Bolivia with Morales, Ecuador with Correa, Nicaragua with Ortega and other countries.

These are some of the reasons why the propaganda of the castrochavism dictatorships paint Bolsonaro as the “devil on the wall” . The arrival to the Presidency of Brazil of Jair Bolsonaro is lethal for the dictatorships of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua , since it accelerates his fall and promotes the democratic restoration in the whole region.

Bolsonaro prose will lead internally the total uncovering of the lava jato and the criminal organization of the PT and the Forum of San Pablo, with greater effects in the cleaning and renovation of the Brazilian leadership. Its program is the protection of its territory and population from the avalanche of cocaine trafficking from Bolivia and Venezuela, to suppress the deadly damage they cause to the Brazilian people and economy.

So far the foreign policy of Brazil with respect to PT / Odebrecht in the region has been to deliver the information from government to government and in this way the regimes of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Ecuador with Correa remain unpunished because they are the ones involved they have received and control the information. This farce ends and the Castro, Maduro, Correa, Morales and Ortega are in evidence with the organized crime that is protected in politics and in governments that falsely wield the principles of sovereignty and self-determination to cover up their crimes.

The nearly 13,500 Cuban slaves who serve in Brazil under the ” more doctors ” system, which was always opposed by Bolsonaro, receive about a quarter of the payment that Brazil makes and the Cuban dictatorship appropriates the balance. The Bolsonaro plan for this matter is to legalize Cuban doctors in Brazil , to allow the migration of their families held hostage in Cuba, cutting the millionaire income that Castro has received for this crime, with direct effect on Cuban GDP.

The Bolsonaro contribution -which the PT candidate can not do- to democracy in Brazil and in all of America is public and full information of the “transnational organized crime system” of the PT-Castro-Chávez-Odebrecht until now covert, which implies Castro, Chávez, Maduro, Correa, Morales, Ortega and their accomplices; the effective protection of Brazil against drug trafficking; and the end of the exploitation of Cuban slave doctors.

* Lawyer and Political Scientist. Director of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy