CubaBrief: MARCO RUBIO TO THE RESCUE. American taxpayer funds should not be wasted in Cuba.

Earlier in the week the Center for a Free Cuba called attention to the passage by the House of Representatives Agriculture Committee of an Ag bill that included an amendment authorizing the use of federal funds to promote sales to Cuba, despite the fact that Cuba’s government has been unable to pay many purchases in recent years and many governments have forgiven many millions of dollars Havana owed them.  The result has been that many foreign taxpayers around the world have ended up subsidizing the Cuban regime.

Senator Marco Rubio twitted today that he has decided “to block the addition of any new amendments to #FarmBill until they either accept the Cruz amendment striking the use of taxpayer $ for promotions in#Cuba or they accept my amendment that prohibits taxpayer $ being spent at business owned by Cuban military

12:59 – 27 jun. 2018

The Amendment in question, adopted into the Senate Farm Bill  was sponsored by the following Senators Heitkamp, Boozman, Bennet, Klobuchar, and Leahy –all democrats except Senator Boozman.