CubaBrief: Two Cuban parish priests offer mass in HQ of the Ladies in White in Havana. Witnesses testify at hearing on Castro regime’s crimes against humanity

CubaBrief : Cubanet and Diario de Cuba reported today online that two Catholic Cuban parish priests officiated a mass at the headquarters of the Ladies in White, the courageous women who every week try to attend mass all dressed in white, part of their campaign to obtain the release of Cuban political prisoners unjustly in jail. That Cuban priests bear witness to the suffering of the Cuban people is not new although some in the hierarchy throughout the years tried very hard not to provoke the wrath of the authorities. All Cubans regardless of their denominations should join the Ladies in White and these two priests in begging the almighty to bring to an end the misery and suffering of millions of Cubans. In this CubaBrief we are publishing a photograph of the two priests with the Ladies in White and another historical photo of an archbishop, nuns and religious leaders with Martin Luther King Jr. whose principles of nonviolence are in plain view every Sunday when the Ladies in White are beat up and dragged down the street by Cuban repressive forces.

From Cubanet, July 18, 2017 [Original in Spanish]

Two Cuban parish priests offer mass in headquarters of the Ladies in White in Havana. 

The two Catholic priests are Padre Castor Álvarez and Padre José Conrado. Father Álvarez said that “Since they are not permitted to reach the church, the Church has come here.” Berta Soler, leader of the women’s group said that several political prisoners recently released were able to attend the religious service. The Ladies in White did not make any public announcement before the service afraid that the priest would be prevented from reaching the house.


Babalu Blog, July 18, 2017

Witnesses testify for a third day at hearing on Castro regime’s crimes against humanity

July 18, 2017 by Carlos Eire

Good luck finding any coverage of all of these testimonies in the world’s press.

Cuba’s noble savages get free medical care and a free education from their “benevolent”masters, so what do they have to complain about?

Yeah, you know the drill…. move on….

Yes, massah, yessir…. and may I put a damn good shine on dem nice boots o’yours… I’ve got the right kind of tongue fer it, or so I been told… yessir, you a damn nice massah….

Sarcasm aside, the work of this International Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against Humanity of the Castro Regime might turn out to be very significant some day, perhaps in the not-too-distant future.




A third day of riveting testimonies is underway for the International Commission  for the Prosecution of Crimes against Humanity of the Castro Regime,City-of-Miami-Mayor-Tomas-P.-Regalado-officially-opening-JusticeCuba-hearing, “JusticeCuba”. On Saturday, City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado officially opened the first round of hearings at Miami City Hall.  There, a capacity crowd gathered as victims of Castro’s regime spanning six decades provided their testimony to the International Commission. On several occasions, victims succumbed to pure emotion as they recounted the horrors endured at the hands of the Castro regime.  Witnesses included women former political prisoners, survivors and family members of those slain in the Tugboat massacre, victims of torture and witnesses to extrajudicial killings and executions, as well as survivors of Regime massacres.

The commencement of this historic process takes place as the same regime which spearheads crimes against humanity continue their reign of terror on the Cuban people and abroad. Members of this Commission also met in Washington with OAS General Secretary Luis Almagro. Hearings in other major cities both in the United States and internationally will be taking place as this Commission undertakes the task of ensuring that impunity ends for the Castro Regime.

CubaDecide, July 18, 2017 [Released by Miami Young Republicans]

This week, all eyes are on Rosa María Payá and activists at Cuba Decide. They returned to Havana on Monday to renew the fight for a plebiscite.

She honors and continues the legacy of her father, dissident leader Oswaldo Payá, and youth leader Harold Cepero, five years after they were assassinated by Castro’s secret police.

The Castro regime is frightened to its core. They know that the call for a binding plebiscite vote is powerful, popular, and inspiring. The regime knows that the their succession plan is a weak link and that the Cuban people will choose freedom and democracy.

In fact, that’s why the Castro regime assassinated Oswaldo Payá in 2012 and that’s why they threaten Rosa María Payá both inside and outside Cuba.