CUBA BRIEF: Cubans continue to flee – No human rights for Cubans in Mexico


For many years the Cuban government asserted that the reason Cubans risked the dangerous journey in unseaworthy vessels to Florida was because of America’s open arms policy for Castro’s victims. But after Obama slammed the door on them, Cubans continue to flee because of the nature of today’s Cuba: political repression, beatings, hopelessness and abuse.

Also in this Cuba Brief “No human rights for Cubans in Mexico”. For a government that decries President Trump’s statements on undocumented immigrants, the Mexican government’s actions are to be condemned.

Yesterday Cuba Brief distributed an article on American flag officers visit with Cuban government officials, part of Havana’s disinformation effort.  Perhaps the retired Admiral and his fellow travelers did ask their hosts the following questions. 1. What was Raul Castro’s thinking while negotiating with President Obama when Cuba sent warplanes and missiles to North Korea under tons of sugar on a ship intercepted at the Panama Canal? 2. When is Havana going to return to America’s justice the American terrorist on FBI’s most wanted list living in Havana? 

The Navy officers still could hit the jackpot if they took the opportunity during their visit to determine the whereabouts of Joanne Deborah Chesimard, an American radical who murdered a New Jersey State Trooper, was sentenced to prison and fled to Cuba. The FBI continues to offer a million dollars to anyone providing information on her whereabouts. If the Navy officers asked those questions, we would love to receive the Cuban government’s responses.


The Miami Herald, March 17, 2017 

Cuban families desperately seek information on relatives who arrived on a go-fast boat

By Mario J. Pentón

The call from Cuba ended with a sense of dread for Yandry Pérez.

His aunt warned him through the interrupted telephone call from Villa Clara, in central Cuba, that the whereabouts of his mother and two younger brothers had been unknown for two days. Some 50 Cubans fled the island last weekend aboard speedboats to Florida, even though they knew they would no longer receive preferential treatment upon arrival in the United States. The escape had been organized in absolute secrecy.

“For days, we have been waiting for news, succumbed to total uncertainty,” said Pérez, who two years ago crossed seven international borders to take advantage of the “wet foot, dry foot” policy, which was repealed by former President Barack Obama in the last days of his administration. [More] 


The Miami Herald, March 15, 2017

Cuban migrants stranded in Mexico claim abuse by authorities following protest

By Nora Gámez Torres 

A group of Cuban migrants detained in the southern Mexico city of Tapachula have accused authorities of beating and mistreating them after they staged a hunger strike — some by sewing their lips together — to demand their release.

The Quadratín news agency reported that the Cubans filed a formal complaint against officials of the state of Chiapas’ Public Security Department and the National Migration Institute following the alleged incidents last week at the Siglo XXI immigrant detention center. According to several reports, the Cubans refused to return to their cells during a hunger strike to demand their release. They also called for an end to their harassment and the extortions of their relatives.

Mexican journalists reported that some of the Cubans sewed their lips together as part of the protest, which was took place on Friday. In a separate incident last month, Mexican press reported that some of the Cubans at the detention center were beaten when they shouted “freedom” and “free Cuba.” [More]