CUBA BRIEF: Bigots desecrate Tiananmen Square symbol of freedom, Fidel discusses terrorism, Cuban opposition candidates targeted for reprisals

Bigots desecrate Tiananmen Square symbol of freedom

A group of mostly young bigots desecrated the symbol of freedom erected by the students at Tiananmen Square in 1989. After many years of extensive work the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation inaugurated the statue on June 12, 2007. Just a few days ago a group of mostly young bigots desecrated this symbol that is revered around the world. We are reprinting here their faces as well as one other photograph of Basilio Gusman and Carlos Casanova that together spent more than 40 years in Castro’s prisons and Sirley Avila Leon whose message is featured on a billboard sponsored by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation []. Ms Avila Leon says that “I don’t know a lot about politics but the totalitarian dictatorship of the Castros is one of the world’s most corrupt and criminal.” Those interested in supporting the foundation’s very valuable efforts should send it their tax deductible contributions.

Agence France Press, April 12, 2017

In Cuba: Opposition candidates say targeted for reprisals


Cuban dissidents planning to run in the communist country’s local elections in November have been arrested, threatened and otherwise harassed by the authorities, one of their leaders said Tuesday.

Cuban dissidents planning to run in the communist country’s local elections in November have been arrested, threatened and otherwise harassed by the authorities, one of their leaders said Tuesday.

At least five would-be candidates have been charged with crimes such as robbery, had their property seized, or been threatened with losing their jobs, said Manuel Cuesta Morua, spokesman for the opposition Unity Roundtable for Democratic Action (MUAD).

“They (the authorities) are taking preventive measures so that no independent citizen who doesn’t fit their agenda can run,” he told AFP.

The local elections in November kick off an electoral cycle that will ultimately decide the successor to President Raul Castro.

The next step will be the election of the 612-member National Assembly, which chooses the all-powerful Council of State, which in turn chooses the president.

Opposition parties are banned in Cuba, but dissident groups are trying to sneak the maximum number of Castro opponents into the local polls. [More]

Carleton College, April 11, 2017

Photography exhibit “The Cuban-Americans” by acclaimed artist and photographer Geandy Pavón comes to Carleton

Carleton College is pleased to host the acclaimed photographic exhibit “The Cuban-Americans” by painter and photographer Geandy Pavón. The exhibit, on display as part of the College’s annual Foro Latinoamericano event, runs April 17 through 30. On Wednesday, April 19, Pavón himself will attend a reception in his honor and speak about the exhibit and his work from 5 to 6:30 p.m. in the Weitz Center for Creativity Room 148. This event is free and open to the public.

“The Cuban-Americans” is a photo essay following in the tradition of Robert Frank’s seminal collection “The Americans,” a 1950s unveiling of a more nuanced and certainly less congratulatory view of American society.

Pavón explains, “The Cuban-Americans” takes off from a concept put forth by Cuban-American writer Gustavo Pérez Firmat: a hyphen that both binds and sets apart—nominally and culturally—the Cuban and North American identities. This in-between realm, almost a no man’s land, creates a sort of a temporal existence and, hence, a strangeness, a complex, undefinable and anachronistic space, the key element in this series.” [More]

Two more enezuelan students killed by Nicolas Maduro’s government

While Mr. Maduro’s government continues to repress the Venezuelan people the communist party of Uruguay insists that Mr. Maduro’s regime enjoys full democratic legitimacy. The Uruguayan communists “reject the systematic OAS campaign ” and object to Uruguay’s expressions of concern about the Venezuelan crisis in a statement released by numerous democratic governments around the hemisphere.

FOR THE RECORD: Fidel Castro’s endorsement of terrorism

The Cuban government like all totalitarian governments rewrites history on a regular basis. Individuals who once appeared on the Cuban media photographs together with the Cuban dictator suddenly disappear from the government media coverage. Like in the case of the Soviet Union photographs are doctored . The issue of terrorism to this day continues to be part of the discussion on Cuba for those who might have forgotten we re-print here Fidel’s statement at a major revolutionary rally years ago.

During the 15th Anniversary of the MININT (Ministery of the Interior), Fidel Castro, in a speech, says that if the government of Cuba ever had to engage in terrorist actions, he’s sure they would be “very efficient” at it. Fidel also said that “the fact that Cuba has not engaged in terrorism it does not mean that we give up that option. Let that be a warning.”